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Read what people are saying about Beauty by Kayla Marie.

Here is a collection of reviews left by real customers, across review platforms such as Google, Yelp, and the booking platform Fresha.

I've been getting eyelash extensions from Kayla for about a year and a half. Kaila consistently not only listens meticulously to my preferences but also excels in paying exquisite attention to the intricate details I envision for my lashes. I know I am a picky customer, but at the conclusion of each session, whenever I desire a change, Kaila not only listens patiently but also skillfully executes adjustments that exceed my expectations. Her unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction is truly commendable.

Kayla is not just an expert; she is an artist who professionally guides me to select the perfect eyelash style that impeccably complements my eyes. Moreover, whenever I urgently need to schedule an appointment, she always graciously accommodates me, showcasing her exceptional dedication to client convenience. I wholeheartedly appreciate Kayla's unparalleled skill in crafting and perfecting my eyelash extensions. 

Thank you, Kayla, for consistently delivering an outstanding service that goes above and beyond. Your talent and dedication have made each visit a truly delightful and satisfying experience!


Kayla does the best lashes I've ever had! I've had lashes for about 8 years now and she is by far the best in the business! You definitely get what you pay for. Not only do they look beautiful, but the lash retention is insane! She's sweet, on time, with great availability, and stays educated on the new techniques and products. In this industry I think it's really important to not only know what you're doing... but to continue learning and staying up on the new products and techniques otherwise you can really do damage to your natural lashes. 


I absolutely love the work that Kayla does on my brows and lashes. She gives me the most amazing and luscious lashes. They last longer thank anybody else that I've seen and I've been doing lashes for the better part of 20 years she's so professional, so incredibly sweet and the absolute best work highly recommended.


Kayla is amazing! Her work is perfection! I walk out feeling beautiful and the lashes last for weeks. I've had negative experiences with extensions in the past, but working with Kayla has completely converted me! She's professional, personable, and just all around awesome!


I really liked Kaylas passion for lashes. She has a great talent and makes sure lashes are looking great!!! Very gentle and dedicated. Love love thr results!


she does a beautiful job but more importantly, it's been two weeks and it's still perfect! i wanted whispey full lashes w a D curl... but still wanted it to look natural.

this was my first time using her service as my lash person moved away. initially, i was apprehensive and brought sample lashes (as you know, it's hard choosing a new tech) but kayla was very approachable, knowledgable and explained along the way; super helpful as every tech will have different techniques and tools that may not be familiar to you.

it's a very clean and quaint station... she was super friendly and warm,,,but above all, she was really good!!!! 🤍 definitely recommend her and was so worth the change, drive, & price.


I got my extensions done from Kayla Marie 6 weeks ago and a lot of them are still on. I don't need to get them refilled.
Kayla was very friendly, patient and professional. She listened to what I wanted and gave me the most beautiful natural looking eye lash extensions I could ever imagine. I got hybrid extensions on her recommendation and they are extremely beautiful.
She also gave me a care kit for my lashes which has been a blessing. I'm prone to styes but the foaming rinse Kayla gave me works magic. It not only keeps my lashes healthy but prolongs the life of extensions as well.
Her facility was clean, nice and comfy. I would highly recommend her services.

Kayla is a great lash artist. She is professional and very nice. Sh is also skilled and meticulous with my lashes. My lashes last for 3+ weeks.


I've been going to Kayla for almost 5 years now for lash extensions. I still always get the question, "Are they real?". She does such an amazing job with her expertise and caring about what her clients want. She does my eyebrows as well. If you want to feel like a million bucks without spending it. Kayla is your girl.


This is my second time getting a lash lift and tint and brow tint by Kayla. I have the most sensitive eyes, and she takes so much care and time to be sure that I am comfortable. If you are looking for the right place to get your brows or lashes beautiful, this is it!


Kayla is a master at her craft. I workout a lot and like to keep a natural eyelash look. She's very meticulous and does such a great job! I can't recommend her enough.


Kayla does a terrific job on my lash extensions, they last a long time and I am more than pleased with her work! She is a master at her profession, she is passionate about her work and it shows. She has amazing energy and presence, I am so glad I found her.


Kayla is absolutely wonderful! I felt so comfortable with her right from the start - she is so kind, friendly, and a true beauty. Kayla took the time to really listen to what I wanted for my brow waxing, and thoughtfully explained her lash process before we began. I've had extensions before but this experience with Kayla went above and beyond my expectations! And the fact that she's available Saturdays is a Heaven send. 🖤


I've been seeing Kayla for almost 5 years for my lashes and she is seriously the best. I have gone back and forth between classic and hybrid over the years and I am so happy with the results! I often get asked if my lashes are real or extensions - and that's exactly what I'm going for.  I want a more natural look - I personally am not crazy about the overdone mega volume lashes because I wear glasses and sunglasses daily and before I found Kayla it was hard to find someone who could give me a full set that looked more natural! And when I did I felt like the fell off so quickly. I usually go in for a a fill every 4 weeks for an hour instead of two weeks like I did in the past other places. She really is the best - I've referred multiple friends and and family to her, plus she is the sweetest and even checks my phone for me when my lashes are taped shut. haha and who doesn't want a friendly, fun gal to chat with while your eyes are taped shut!


I'm so pleased with my tinted lashes, thanks to Kayla's expert work. As an older woman, I wanted  lashes to look naturally darker. Now they do. I've scheduled a standing appointment so... Goodbye mascara!


Kayla has been doing my lash extensions for 3 years now. She's so amazing! She's gentle, always on time, and does a great job! I love my lashes and often get compliments on them! I've referred a handful of friends to Kayla and I know they are just as happy as I am!


I was getting lash extensions from a previous provider and was having issues with them lasting 2 weeks. Kayla's description of what she provides is that she uses quality products and her method of applying the lashes allows for them to last much longer. I have been seeing Kayla the past four months, and I am very happy with my lash extensions. Kayla is very accommodating, professional, sweet, and my lashes look great and last beyond anyone 've been to previously. I highly recommend her...


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