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wispy lashes Pleasanton
brow lamination Pleasanton
classic full set Livermore
Dublin lash lift
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Lash Extensions


Full Set: $375 (3hrs)   

90 min fill: $180

120 min fill: $240

dublin classic lashes
lash extensions
livermore classic lash extensions

Classic Lash Extensions are lash extensions at a 1:1 ratio, meaning one extension is placed on one natural lash. My goal with all of my lash extension services is to lash EVERY SINGLE lash. Each individual lash is also tailored to the natural lash it's bonding with. For example if your natural lash is 5mm long, the extension I place on it will be 7-8mm long. This helps ensure longer retention and prevents any wonky grow outs. Most clients who receive this look are able to book fills every 4 weeks!

Pleasanton hybrid lashes
Hybrid lashes
best lash extensions Pleasanton

Hybrid Lash Extensions are a mix between classic and volume lashes. Hybrid lashes are great for clients who are looking for a slightly fuller look than classic, but not as dramatic as volume. This look can be soft or heavy, depending on the individual's preference. Hybrid clients go 3-4 weeks in between fills!

cat eye lashes Dublin
wispy lashes
wispy volume lashes

Volume Lash Extensions are lashes for a bit more of a dramatic look. Each lash will be lashed with a fan, consisting of 2-6 thinner lashes made into a fan. This set can be soft or heavy, depending on the desired outcome. Volume clients typically go 3 weeks in between fills!

best mega lash extensions Pleasanton
wispy mega lashes
wispy mega lash extensions

Mega Volume Lash Extensions are the lashes with the MOST impact. Each lash will be lashed with a fan, consisting of 7-12 thinner lash extensions. Please note that not everyone can achieve this look. If you have thin, very short and/or sparse natural lashes this look is not recommended. I always suggest using a lash growth serum if this look is desired. I recommend mega volume clients going 3 weeks in between fills!

Longer Appointments

My goal is to get every single lash with the strongest bond so that your lashes will last longer than other lash salons.

Stronger Bonds

Lash Extensions are placed with a unique technique to ensure a stronger bond, helping to result in longer retention.

Custom Lashes

Each individual extension size is chosen according to the natural lash it will be bonded to.

Surgical Optics

Medical grade surgical loupes are used during all lash appointments so that I can see every individual lash follicle.

Pleasanton lash lift
Keratin Lash Lift

Price: $100 

lash lift Pleasanton
Dublin lash lift and tint
lash lift

A lash lift is like a perm for your lashes. Using a curling rod (made for the eyes of course) to hold the lashes in an upright, lifted position. A 2-step processing solution is then placed directly on the eyelashes. This process takes about 30-45 minutes and lasts about 6 weeks. 

I always recommend pairing this service with a lash tint, as well as nightly use of a lash growth serum which both compliment the lash lift perfectly.

Eyebrow Lamination

Price: $100 

brow lamination Pleasanton
livermore brow lamination
lash and brow lift
Pleasanton eyebrow lamination

The eyebrow lamination is the newest and trendiest beauty service for the eyebrows. Much like a lash lift, it involves a 2-step processing solution to lift and reshape the brows, allowing them to look much thicker and fuller. This process takes about 30-45 minutes and lasts about 6 weeks. I highly recommend pairing this service with a brow wax or tweeze and tint.

Please see FAQ and Aftercare for more info.

Other Services

Lash Tint $45

Brow Tint $35

Brow Wax $35

Lip Wax $12

Chin Wax $15

Sides Wax $20

Ear Wax $15

Nose Wax $15

Full Face Wax $65

Brow Tweeze $27

Lash Removal $35

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