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Do lash extensions damage my natural lashes?

lash extensions

One question you may have when deciding to start getting you lashes done is, "Will the lash extensions damage my natural lashes?"

The simple answer is no, not when they're properly applied. This is why it is crucial to go to a skilled professional.

The concept of applying lash extensions is a simple one really; you isolate an individual natural lash with one hand, then place an adhesive dipped lash extension (or extensions when placing a fan) onto the isolated lash with the other. It's imperative to get a clean connection, and allow the glue to completely dry before moving on. That's it! A skilled professional will know how to do this, as well as know the proper length and weight each natural lash can safely hold.

It is when one of these simple "rules" is not followed that *temporary lash damage can occur. I do say "temporary" because while it's not ideal, I want to reassure anyone who may have had a bad experience that all is not lost in the world and your lashes WILL grow back. In fact, there are no studies that have proven permanent lash damage due to poor lash extension placement. When a hair is plucked, it does grow back.

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