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Long-Lasting Lashes: Tips for Keeping Your Eyelash Extensions Looking Great for 4+ weeks!

4 week lash retention

Let's face it, lash extensions are an investment. If you're looking for your beautiful new lash set to last, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Wash your lashes. This may be old news to you, but believe it or not I still get new clients who have been told to either wait a certain period of time or simply not to EVER wash their lash extensions. Gross. Sorry, but that's just poor hygiene first of all. Second of all, a LOT of build up can occur from not maintaining a clean lash line. This can result in your natural lashes getting stuck to neighbor lashes thus being pulled out prematurely.

  • Max out appointment times. Most of my clients who do this are able to go 4 weeks in between fills, while maintaining a beautiful set of lashes. It is crucial to get every single lash if your ultimate goal is to only come in once a month. This generally means booking at least 2 hr appointments.

  • Do not pick, rub or pull at your lashes. While it may be tempting, especially during allergy season, rubbing or tugging on your lashes may result in premature fall out. If they are both ering you due to allergies or debris, give them a good cleanse and brush them out!

  • Consider asking for an "authentic" set. While lash extensions can be fun and dramatic, if you want lashes that last you may want to consider this type of set, particularly if you have short, thin or minimal natural lashes. An authentic set is when each lash extension is equal to or no more than 2mm longer than the natural lash it's bonded to.

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